Chocista hot chocolate flakes

Chocista hot chocolate flakes

Jericho Coffee Traders

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Flakes of real Belgian chocolate blend effortlessly into hot milk for the most indulgent experience. Our 43% cocoa real chocolate flakes are crafted in our own kitchens in Bury St Edmunds so we can guarantee the quality of every bag.

Our chocolatiers have tirelessly worked to discover the perfect blend with the optimum cocoa percentage to balance a luxurious chocolate taste with sweetness. We believe that hot chocolate is a simple pleasure and what could be simpler than mixing real chocolate into hot milk.

Offering a premium real hot chocolate has never been easier.

The flakes come in one kilo bags with up to 18 months shelf life 

Cafe professionals love Chocista because:

•  It is made from real chocolate
•  Flakes blend effortlessly into milk
•  It leaves no residue and is beautifully smooth
•  Made from 43% cocoa for luxurious taste
•  Portion control scoops available for ease of use
•  It is gluten free

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