Bread - Country Tin Sourdough

Bread - Country Tin Sourdough

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Sourdough Breads

Natural Bread’s signature sourdough breads are made using locally milled flour from Wessex Mill in Wantage, sourdough starter, water, salt and time. While other bakeries might use yeast to get their breads to rise, they use traditional natural leaven, slow fermentation techniques letting the sourdough starter do its job over 48 hours – giving the bread its wonderful texture & depth of flavour.

The bakers knead rather than stir the dough (stirring is how most processed breads are made). The kneading takes longer & requires a lot of skill, but it means that many people who have a low tolerance to gluten and high levels of yeast can enjoy the breads, as they are more easily digestible when made in this way.

Country Tin



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